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This Fibroid Tea is truly AMAZING. I could feel a difference after the first cup. The quality of this tea is superb. Fresh, all natural and organic. I’m so Grateful that I found this tea and excited about my Healing process. Thank you Ancient Healing Teas

It is wonderful I like it I will buy more from you guys

Free Rose Tea

Was given something else

As described

PCOS Detox

Great packaging, about to begin the healing

Just received. I am looking forward to starting my journey

Black seed bitters

I have only been using it for a couple of days but I feel healthier, brain fog is decreasing, helps me think clearer, nasty taste but I feel more energy and alive if that makes sense.

Hi,I like the formula very much is helping alot and sugar levels are going down . I recommend this formula even if it has a bitter taste but is so good. Thank you ones again will continue buying it.

Gold Seamoss Gel - Extra Potent

Excellent. I could feel the nutrients giving me plenty of energy.
I would highly recommend this product.

Black Seed Bitters
Gary Taylor

Very effective

Perfect detox and cleanse

This product started working immediately and has helped me relieve constipation and helping me maintain healthier habits within my lifestyle. Eliminates bloating, mucus, stopped up intestines and relives stool blockages! 10/10

That the third one I have it works wonders for me and my husband

I like it will order again if shipping was free

Relief k

I’ve been using this Fibroid tea for 3 weeks now.I don’t feel bloated since i using this tea,I don’t have heavy periods and which i am so grateful for that.And also my frequent urination stopped.I feel like my stomach getting smaller since my fibroid was big 13.5cm.My doctor suggested for a surgery but i am not comfortable doing it.I will try couple more weeks and continue drinking this tea and have another check up if my fibroid will reduce the size.

Healing my fibroids

I want to say I’m so grateful for learning about your products and at the moment I’m using the fiber tea I’m not a nurse. I’m not a doctor. I can only tell you that for the short time that I’ve been on this tea I noticed I started having a great deal of pain and I believe the pain was due to the tea shrinking, the fibroids before drinking the tea I have never felt this type of pain. I noticed I have a lot of swelling in my belly area. and since I’ve been on the tea, I noticed that some of the swelling has went down. I have been suffering with fibroids for over 12 years. They are very large fibroids I’m not exactly sure of the size for now. I’m going to continue with this product and once again, I want to say thank you for doing the research please do not stop and I want to learn more about your other products.

Thank you

Good need more

The Diabetes Formula - Healing Tonic


This product is very good and versatile for your health I love it . You don’t need sugar. Just prepare and drink it.

Cat's Claw
Elizabeth Hargrave
Ordering Now

I have h-pylori (it’s a cancerous bacteria in the stomach) I’ve had it for years because the 40 pills a day the doctor gives me doesn’t help at all., I remember someone telling me to try this cat claw but I never did because I thought they meant an actual “CAT CLAW”🤦🏾‍♀️so I’m going to order it now I’m going to start off with a small bag and see how it works. hopefully some good news🤭ttyl

Type 1 Diabetic

This product worked wonders.
I saw a difference within a few hours of taking.
My numbers are running between 80-135 and when I stopped for a few days my range was defiantly higher.
what a pity that you cant take while breast feeding, so I needed to stop using.
Would recommend to all.

Yoni Soap
Mindy Cipriano

Yoni Soap

Red Clover
Melonie Smith
Red Clover

I have been using the Red Clover Tea for two weeks and I feel more energized.. one of the best things so far is that the hot flashes have decreased. I am praying that as I navigate this perimenopause, it will help to lessen the bleeding. Stay tuned.

Love it!

The scent is just right... not too strong. My body is so sensitive to everything, so I am elated that I finally found something with a scent that won't irritate my lady parts!

Fibroid Herbal Tea
Yvonne Catherine

I had myomectomy surgery in 2018 for fibroids and since then my cycle has been the worst , a lot of pain during my cycle and experiencing clots instead of normal cycle, The Fibroid tea is amazing, Its now two month drinking the tea and I can confess I have not experienced pain during my two months cycle, it used to be horrible and very painful, I would get abdominal and muscle cramps very serious. I wish to try the 21 days cleansing herbal teas very soon once I stabilise financially because the fibroids are back one measuring 4Cm I have been put on treatment for contraceptive pills for a 2 months then later my doctor prescribed me another medication to induce my cycle. what I can testify here is that I have not felt any pain during the two month I have used the herbal tea. I hope that if I continue taking it I will see more changes. that's my story and hope it can inspire some one there to try the ancient herbal teas , it has really helped me with the pain.



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