Fibroid Herbal Tea
Fibroid Herbal Tea

Fibroid Herbal Tea

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Our Fibroid Herbal Tea was carefully formulated to heal the womb naturally and create hormonal balance. This tea pairs very well with our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse for more comprehensive and effective fibroid healing. This blend was customized with herbs to stop the growth of fibroids, assist in shrinking fibroids, and ultimately eliminate fibroids. Our herbal formula increases circulation to the womb to promote natural healing and detoxification.

This Tea is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients including: 

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate.


Dandelion and Ginger.


It is recommended that you don't take the Fibroid Herbal Tea during your cycle.

Customer Reviews

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Pam M
Fibroid Herbal Tea

Hi. I do feel as if there is some changes to my body but I wont know until I am finished and go to the doctor. I am on day 11 which is about half way through the 21 days and I feel like I am going to run out of tea because I it is more than half way empty. I have been using one table spoon per day to make 3 4oz cups of tea. Is that correct? Also I was wondering if the tee flavor is supposed to be strong tasting or not to strong? Because it is not strong to me. I don't have a person to ask questions to so I am not sure if I am doing it correctly or not. I have been eating the proper diet as the instructions online for the detox tea but I have not purchased the big one (fibroid detox tea package) yet. I wish that there was a person that I could ask questions. I notice that the instructions says not to drink any other teas. My question is: are you referring to teas like Lipton or home made tea like ginger tea or store bought Ginger tea? I do like the product it is natural and simple to do. Thank you. Is there a way to talk to a person?

Miracle in one use

I haven’t even bought this, a friend gave me a handful of hers. I have been on my cycle since May 16th but it wasn’t heavy at all it went off a week and a half in June and came back on 6/17 and this time with a vengeance. It was heavy to the point that a super plus tampon and over night pads would get soaked within an hour. I had longer than thumb length sized blood clots that were pouring out to the point that I had to run to the toilet so that I didn’t mess up my clothes. My back and side pain felt like I was 7 months pregnant. My friend gave me a scoop of hers in a ziploc bag, I boiled a table spoon or less and let it steep for a few minutes at night, I instantly started passing gas and my back pain was almost completely gone. The next day which is today, I passed a clot one time and that’s it. I haven’t had any back pain or stomach cramps and I’m not running to the bathroom every few minutes. I am definitely buying myself some and recommending to everyone I know experiencing what I went through.

Barbara Joseph

So far so good with the tea. Its 9 days left to have my hopefully the pain won't be the same.

Debbie Barnes

Great tea, good tease very helpful for my fibroid an health.

Fibroid Tea

I’m giving it a 3 so far because it’s only been a week and I’m not quite sure if I’m noticing any differences. I will say it is quite delicious though! I have two rather sizable fibroids and really the only symptoms I have is some pretty significant bloating a week or so before my cycle and some pressure when I’m bloated (obviously). I’ve been very very fortunate to not have pain, excessive bleeding or bleeding between periods. So far my periods have been normal and regular. I rarely even cramp, but might have some lower back pain sometimes. I’m doing everything I can to avoid surgery. I know this will not be a miracle cure, but hope it will keep it at least at its current size (I've also adjusted my diet and continue to adjust it accordingly to keep things from progressing). I will continue to drink the tea as directed and will probably order another jar to see if I begin to notice any changes. Thank you!