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Fertility Cleanse

Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse
Fertility Cleanse

Fertility Cleanse


We know how disheartening it can be when you want to become pregnant but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you. You go to your regularly scheduled medical consults and you try to procreate with your partner, but something is holding your body back, and you’re not sure what it is.

While being able to create another life in this world is never guaranteed, cleansing and enhancing the body’s natural functions is completely under your control and CAN increase your chances of conceiving

Our Fertility Cleanse consists of a set of four powerful herbal supports that will work hard to prepare the womb for pregnancy:


WEEK 1 | Fertile

An herbal blend to enhance fertility by: 

  • Stimulating ovulation
  • Promoting healthy menstruation
  • Boosting the immune system

WEEK 2 | Queen’s Medicine

An herbal blend that specifically cleanses the womb and targets possible womb imbalances by:

  • Reducing menstrual cramps
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Aids in ridding the body of vaginal infections
  • Increasing vaginal lubrication

 WEEK 3 | Nourish

An herbal support that helps to build a healthy womb environment by:

  • Strengthening and toning the uterus
  • Cleansing harmful toxins
  • Reducing body pain
  • Providing necessary vitamins for womb health

DAILY | Royal Moss

Made from Pure Jamaican Sea Moss, which is rich in iodine - an essential mineral for the reproductive system, Royal Moss assists your body by:

  • Releasing excess hormones
  • Eliminating mucus
  • Supporting healthy uterus, ovary, and breast development




*Our Fertility Cleanse is not safe for consumption during pregnancy.

**It is recommended that you don't take any of the Fertility Cleanse Herbal Teas during your cycle, with the exception of Royal Sea Moss. 

***Instructions for use are included in each package.



 *Please Note: If your subscription is not canceled before the next subscription date, we are unable to refund or cancel your subscription for that date.

**Afterpay is not available on purchases of recurring subscriptions. If your order contains subscriptions and other Afterpay eligible products, you will need to purchase your subscription items separately.

Customer Reviews

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Ebony Mo
Only Time Will Tell

After not having a period for about 5yrs now, I started looking for something natural that could help me bring it back. My boyfriend found about AHT and told me I should try it. I am going into week 2 with the Fertility Teas, so I don't know how long it will take to work (I said how long because I believe these teas will work). After my cleanse I will change my rating and give more info on my journey. Wish me luck and success, and I wish luck and success for everyone else going for better HEALTH!!

Ginger Seas
Fertility Cleanse

I started the fertiliy tea and I have to complete the antire collection yet I do like how smooth the tea is. I am happy to use these tea cleanse and will be able to give a full review once I have completed the fertility cleanse teas and sea moss. I am excited to feel and see the results.

It works

As soon as I started taking my teas I didn't think it would work, but I'm happy to announce that I am 2 months pregnant & the last time I remember I had 5 fibroids and now I'm down to 1 fibroids. I'm so 😊 🤗 excited

Leona Lubrin
Just started

It’s my first week day 3 and looking forward for a positive pregnancy result at the end of the cleanse.

Suzett Walker

I just start



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