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Divine Flow Bundle

Divine Flow Bundle
Divine Flow Bundle

Divine Flow Bundle



We know what it’s like to spend more than a week actively bleeding through pad after pad. We’ve ruined clothes and felt the embarrassment of unavoidable accidents. We understand the fatigue and stress placed on the body from the low iron levels that come along with this kind of seemingly endless bleeding. Your body deserves natural remedies to provide balance and peace during your menstrual cycle.

Our Divine Flow Bundle assists in reducing heavy and excessive bleeding while creating a healthier, more peaceful menstrual flow with two effective herbal medicines to start regulating your cycle naturally:


Herbal support regulates the function of the womb by:

  • Gently cleansing the uterus
  • Assisting in combatting vaginal infections
  • Increasing fertility
  • Eliminating vaginal odor
  • Increasing lubrication

Yarrow Tincture  

 Herbal support to reduce or lighten menstrual bleeding by:

  • Soothing or stimulating uterine muscles as needed
  • Regulating blood flow


*For women who experience prolonged menstrual bleeding, we suggest the use of Gongolili and our Yarrow tincture for a minimum of 21 Days.

**Instructions for use are included on the packaging for each product. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Game Changer

This last year my cycle has gotten heavier, so much when I’m on day 2 & 3 I constantly made sure my clothes and anything I was sitting on was in good standing.
My order came right on time, 1 day before my cycle came on. This was the lightest cycle I had alllllll year. It was literally a pleasure 🤣.
My cycle usually lasts 5 days and this time my 2 heavier days were a breeze. I love that the yarrow tincture will give you several uses and the gongolili root will give you 2-4!
I’ve already told friends & family about this and will be back myself for future purchases.

I knew it would work but I was still shocked 😮

I recently got off BC and was bleeding every day light to heavy for two months straight. I started taking it on Monday and I made sure I took it 3x a day along with my gallon of water. The bleeding went from bright to brown by Thursday and by Friday NOTHING and today is Sunday (night) and still NOTHING. I pray 🙏🏾 this will get me on a regular cycle . I will be back with an update Thank you

Thank you!!

This is a miracle product for anyone suffering with long term bleeding. I was bleeding every day all day for almost two months straight, I began these products and after 3 days the bleeding had stopped, and I felt energy I hadn't felt in months. Thank you ancient healing teas 💟

Worked for me!

My periods r usually ridiculously heavy! By the 2nd day I noticed that my flow was lighter than usual and my flow throughout my cycle was as well! I highly recommend and I will be a returning customer :)

Raymy Vasquez

Divine Flow Bundle: For Heavy & Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

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