Endometriosis Cleanse

Endometriosis Cleanse

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Endometriosis is an indicator of imbalance within the womb. Women with Endometriosis typically experience pain throughout the body, painful menstrual cycles, excessive bleeding and infertility. Our Endometriosis Cleanse helps to ease these symptoms and bring the womb back into balance naturally. 

This package includes carefully crafted medicinal teas to aid in healing from Endometriosis naturally! Included is one of each herbal tea below:

1. Comfort - provides natural and effective pain relief⁣.

One of the main symptoms associated with Endometriosis is chronic pain. The pain is connected to inflammation in the entire body specifically the womb. This blend provides pain relief through reducing inflammation. 

Comfort is the first product to use to begin to cleanse and also relax your body. This herbal tonic helps to: 

  • inhibits the growth of endometrial cells
  • relieves anxiety
  • reduces innflammation 
  • ease menstrual pain


2. Underground Tonic - increases blood circulation.

Underground Tonic cleanses, strengthens and builds the blood. This herbal tonic: 

  • creates hormonal balance
  • builds and strengths the blood
  • relieves back pain and arthritis
  • corrects skin issues
  • balances hormones
  • increases stamina
  • eliminates viral and bacterial infections
  • protects the liver
  • increases energy


3. Nourish - builds the blood & balances hormones.

Nourish is a powerful medicine for all women's health imbalances. This medicine helps to build the system & support a healthy womb environment. This herbal tonic: 

  • reduces pain
  • supports immune system
  • eliminates excessive estrogen


4. Royal Moss - helps the body to release excess hormones⁣.

Iodine is a necessary mineral for the body. It's essential for proper development and maintenance of the ovaries, uterus, and breasts. Iodine also affects both ovulation and estrogen from the body. Research shows that the daily intake of Iodine actually helps to balance women's health issues. The best source of Iodine naturally occurs in Seamoss. Our Pure Jamaican Seamoss is rich in Iodine and over 90 other vitamins and minerals.


Instructions for use are included in each package. 

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