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Endometriosis Cleanse | End the Pain and Regain  Control Over Your Body

Endometriosis Cleanse | End the Pain and Regain Control Over Your Body

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When that time of the month approaches and you’re filled with dread over the  coming uncomfortable pain, you might find yourself at the end of your ropes. 

Women who have Endometriosis typically suffer from aches throughout the body,  painful menstrual cycles, excessive bleeding and infertility, all due to an imbalance  within the womb. 

If any of this sounds familiar, you owe it to yourself to check out Ancient Healing  Tea’s Endometriosis Cleanse. 

This powerful combination of four teas will help to ease your painful symptoms  and bring your womb back into balance naturally. 

Check out each tea in the Endometriosis Cleanse below. 

Tea #1: Comfort – Provides natural and effective pain relief 

Comfort tea helps to relieve bodily pain from Endometriosis by reducing  inflammation. This herbal tonic works to:  

  • Inhibit the growth of endometrial cells 
  • Relieve stress and anxiety 
  • Reduce inflammation of the womb and the entire body
  • Ease menstrual pain 

Tea #2: Underground Tonic – Increases blood circulation

Underground Tonic cleanses, strengthens and builds the blood. This herbal tonic helps to:  

  • Create a hormonal balance within your body 
  • Build and strengthen the blood 
  • Relieve back pain and arthritis due to inflammation 
  • Correct skin issues such as acne 
  • Increase your energy and stamina 
  • Reduce viral and bacterial infections 
  • Protect the liver and increase its function 

Tea #3: Nourish – Builds the blood & balances hormones 

Nourish is a powerful medicine for all women’s health imbalances. This healing  tonic helps to build the system & support a healthy womb environment. Use  Nourish to:  

  • Strengthen and tone your uterus 
  • Cleanse your womb of harmful toxins that may affect fertility
  • Reduce body pain 
  • Support your immune system 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Eliminate excessive estrogen from your body 

Tea #4: Royal Moss – Helps the body to release excess hormones 

Royal Moss comes from pure Jamaican sea moss, a potent source of iodine. This  tonic is rich in iodine and contains over 90 other vitamins and minerals. Royal  Moss helps to: 

  • Ensure your intake of required iodine, a necessary mineral for the body Improve your ovulation and estrogen balance 
  • Develop and maintain the ovaries, uterus and breasts  
  • Balance female health issues 

Ready to end your Endometriosis pain and suffering so you can enjoy life again? 

Scroll up and hit the “Add to Cart” or “Buy with PayPal” button to purchase the  Endometriosis Cleanse now. 

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Assinatou Bonkoungou


Johnson clar
Question &answer

Can somebody 50 years and above drink this tea? Can someone on menopause stage drink this tea?

stephanie akwei
Endometriosis Cleanse

I have been suffering from severe endo for the last 5 years. I even had two excision surgeries -- March 2019 and Dec 2020, but nothing has worked to ease the pain. Every month i get major anxiety whenever my period comes. In addition, i suffer from daily chronic pelvic pain. Doctors kept pushin birth control after my surgeries but I did not want my body to become dependent and ruled by birth control.. I left surgery with a new problem: more pain and really bad constipation. In addition, i would always secrete major mucus every time i did have a bowel movement. After a month of chinese herbal medicine and acupunture, i still couldnt use the bathroom. I decided to try Ancient healing teas. I went on a plant based diet cold turkey and started taking the Endometriosis cleanse. I started using the bathroom normally in ONLY TWO days. I still suffered from pelvic pain but the mucus has decreased drastically. Im working to manage my pain but its only been two weeks and thats a lot of improvement compared to what I have been going through. I will update my progress as the weeks go on and incorporate the Queen's Medicine for better results. Please stay strong ladies, endo is a very painful disease but i believe diet and herbal medicine can help.