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HSV Cleanse

HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse
HSV Cleanse

HSV Cleanse


Receiving a diagnosis for Herpes Simplex (HSV) can be a scary and embarrassing experience for anyone. We designed our HSV Herbal Cleanse to help you reclaim your vessel and begin to thrive on your Divine Journey. 

Our HSV Cleanse consists of a set of five powerful herbal supports that will assist the body in reaching a healthier state:

WEEK 1 | Underground Tonic

An herbal blend to cleanse the blood and fortify the body by: 

  • Alleviating skin issues
  • Assisting in the balancing of hormones
  • Increasing energy and stamina
  • Helping protect the liver
  • known to help with viral and bacterial infections


WEEK 2 | Soursop Leaf

An herbal support to boost the immune system by:

  • Providing vitamin C
  • Improving the body's defense against pathogens
  • Promoting the destruction of free radicals
  • Protecting cells from environmental oxidative damage

WEEK 3 | Desert Date

An herbal support to give the body a total detox by:

  • Helping purge waste, toxins, and poisons from the system
  • Cleansing the colon and liver
  • Reducing candida in the body
  • Is known to help rid the body of worms and parasites
  • Increasing iron absorption
  • Lowering inflammation

DAILY | Royal Moss

Made from Pure Jamaican Sea Moss, which contains over 90 vitamins and minerals that help trigger the body's natural healing process, Royal Moss assists your body by:

  • Releasing excess hormones
  • Eliminating mucus
  • Providing energy and stamina


DAILY* | Colloidal Silver 

A solution of silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water, this broad spectrum germ killer supports the body in combating illness and is antiseptic.

 * After taking daily for 2 weeks, begin taking every other day.




*Our HSV Cleanse is not safe for consumption during pregnancy.

**It is recommended that you don't take the Underground Tonic during your menstrual cycle, if you experience one. 

***Instructions for use are included in each package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Serena Smith
Love it

Easy to follow. I feel more energized and feel like my system is is cleansing. Consistency is key.

Rachel Henderson
Great I feel completely different

I love it !!!

Ramona Fairy

HSV Cleanse


I love it its so amazing 👏🏾 yesss and it made me feel so good

Marthe Louis

I think its a. good product

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