Complete Fibroid Healing Bundle
Complete Fibroid Healing Bundle

Complete Fibroid Healing Bundle

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Our Complete Fibroid Bundle includes our 2 most powerful products for Fibroid Healing: Our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse and Fibroid Herbal Tea


Fibroid Herbal Tea Review

Amazing Fibroids Herbal Tea

I was told that I had Fibroids and I wanted a natural approach of getting rid of them instead of surgery. I would have heavy flows, blood clots, pain and flows for 10 days. I’ve been doing research and came across Ancient Healing Teas and ordered my first tea 12/9/21 and honey when I tell you since taking the tea I’ve had light flows light clots some days no clots and light pain. I could not believe it. I immediately ordered another Tea on 12/24/21 and just recently on 1/10/22 just ordered my 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse. My husband and I want a baby and I believe that will happen. Thank you Ancient Healing for sharing this amazing product with the world may God bless you all.

                                                                                                                -C. Dent


Our Fibroid Herbal Tea was carefully formulated to heal the womb naturally and create hormonal balance. This tea pairs very well with our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse for more comprehensive and effective fibroid healing. This blend was customized with herbs to stop the growth of fibroids, assist in shrinking fibroids, and ultimately eliminating fibroids. Our herbal formula increases circulation to the womb to promote natural healing and detoxification.

This Tea is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients including: 

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium,  Folate.

Each package contains 2-3 weeks' worth of our herbal blend containing dandelion and ginger.



21 Day Fibroid Cleanse Review

This was my last option, surgery wasn't an option

I didn't want to give a review until I actually noticed a difference, meaning once I started my menses. I've practiced a healthy lifestyle for years now. I've tried everything under the sun but surgery (which wasn't an option). I received the tea exactly 3 weeks before my menses begin so, I started taking it immediately. Long story short, my experience was amazing! My cycle started this morning, usually I get this excruciating pain in my abdomen before during and after my menses and I have not experienced it at all! I'm grateful that I ran into Ancient Healing Teas!

                                                                                                                 -S. Ro



21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

1. Pure Jamaican Seamoss - helps the body to release excess hormones⁣.

Iodine is a necessary mineral for the body. It's essential for proper development and maintenance of the ovaries, uterus, and breasts. Iodine also affects both ovulation and estrogen from the body. Research shows that the daily intake of Iodine actually helps shrink fibroids. The best source of Iodine naturally occurs in Seamoss. Our Pure Jamaican Seamoss is rich in Iodine and over 90 other vitamins and minerals.

2. Purge - cleanses the womb by first cleansing the colon⁣.

There is a very strong connection between colon health and the womb. The colon is a major channel of elimination. If toxins are not eliminated through the colon, those same toxins are then transferred to the womb.

Purge is the first product to use to begin to cleanse and purify your body. This herbal tonic helps to: 

  • eliminate parasites.
  • eliminate worms.
  • relieves constipation.
  • supports weight loss.
  • aids in treatment of hemorrhoids. 

3. Underground Tonic - builds the blood and supports the body in preparation for stronger herbs to shrink fibroids.⁣

Underground Tonic cleanses, strengthens and builds the body. This herbal tonic: 

  • builds and strengths the blood.
  • relieves back pain and arthritis.
  • corrects skin issues.
  • balances hormones.
  • increases stamina.
  • eliminates viral and bacterial infections.
  • protects the liver.
  • increases energy.

4. Queens Medicine - specifically targets fibroids, cysts, and womb imbalances (not recommend without taking products 1-3 first)⁣.

Queen's Medicine is a natural medicine for all women's health imbalances. This medicine helps to cleanse and detox the entire body especially the womb. This herbal tonic: 

  • eliminates bacterial infections.
  • eliminates viral infections.
  • eases cramps and menstrual pains.
  • cleanses the blood.
  • detoxes the body of toxins.
  • cleanses urinary tract.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joanna Waters
Looking good

So far I have been enjoying the teas but the taste of it plain is awful

Elizabeth Zentner
Great Customer Service

I still haven’t started the teas as I am waiting until my cycle is done, but one of the jars arrived broken and I was sent a replacement immediately. I also asked a question on FB and received an answer in the same day. Can’t wait to start the teas:)

Latasha Mceachern
Complete fibroid healing bundle

I love it, this my second month using these products

Good Weight loss

This is my 2nd order fn the 21 day cleanse though I didn't get the fibroid herbal tea the ist time, just the 21 day cleanse but this time i got the combo. I'm yet to see a difference in my fibroid size becauae i went for an ultrasound days after the completion of the first order. But i shed a lot of weight and feel more energetic now than before. I hope I'd be able to have a more super testimony after taking and completing the 2nd set of combo

Giving it a try

Here because I also have fibroids and do not want to accept that a hysterectomy is the only solution. Came across this bundle after much internet research and the reviews are so inspiring I could not help but try this product . 3/18/22 ordered my fibroid healing bundle and will definitely be back to give a testimony/update…

Stay tuned