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PCOS Detox | Cleanse Your Body & Relieve Your  Symptoms Now

PCOS Detox | Cleanse Your Body & Relieve Your Symptoms Now

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If you’ve been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you’re likely  exhausted and experiencing irregular menstrual cycles along with bouts of intense  body pain. 

PCOS creates a hormonal imbalance within your system and it can cause problems  with regulating blood sugar and managing stress too. 

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place. Our PCOS Detox is a combination of four teas that will help you: 

  • Regulate menstruation and end irregular cycles 
  • Stimulate ovulation and increase fertility 
  • Balance your body’s hormones 
  • Decrease pain in the body 

Check out the benefits of each tea below: 

Tea #1: Balance – Regulates hormones 

Balance is a powerful medicine that helps to balance your system while regulating hormones. This herbal tonic: 

  • Balances progesterone and estrogen in your body 
  • Prevents the forming of cysts in the ovaries 
  • Regulates your blood sugar levels 

Tea #2: Soft – Reduces androgens and testosterone in your body 

Soft assists in regulating androgens and testosterone in your body so you can  regain control over your life. This blend helps to: 

  • Stimulate ovulation and increase fertility 
  • Decrease insulin resistance to help control weight 
  • Improve your body’s blood circulation 
  • Provide relief from painful menstruation 
  • Regulate your monthly cycles 
  • Increase your energy and stamina so you can do more 

Tea #3: Feminine – Eases pain and inflammation of the body 

Feminine is a gentle yet powerful blend for the reproductive organs. This herbal  tonic helps to cleanse and support the womb. Feminine works to:  

  • Cleanse and purify the blood
  • Balance your estrogen levels 
  • Decrease pain in the womb and the rest of your body 

Tea #4: Royal Moss – Helps the body to release excess hormones 

Royal Moss comes from pure Jamaican sea moss, a potent source of iodine. This  tonic is rich in iodine and contains over 90 other vitamins and minerals. Royal  Moss helps to: 

  • Ensure your intake of required iodine, a necessary mineral for the body Improve your ovulation and estrogen balance 
  • Develop and maintain the ovaries, uterus and breasts  
  • Balance female health issues  

Ready to end the symptoms of PCOS and regain control over your body so you can  enjoy life again? 

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Customer Reviews

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Sulmary Minaya

I got my period en 7 days

PCOS detox

I’ve just started the teas. I am on the tea “soft” and it’s soooo good! I feel changes in my body already.

PCOS Detox

I am currently on week two of the PCOS detox and I must say I definitely feel differently especially with my food intake mainly sweets. I have noticed such a change within and I love it. I cannot wait until I finish the complete detox. I will be trying the Fertility detox next.❤️❤️❤️


I received my product on 4/14/21 I started drinking the tea on 4/15/21 on Sunday 4/18/21 my cycle started to come after not having one since 2019 it worked so fast . I was amazed at how quick I started to see some results. And it also gave me hope because I have been trying to conceive for the past 2years . I definitely will be purchasing more of your product. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to help people heal and showing us that there is other ways and that we should be full of hope .