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21 Day Fibroid Cleanse – Ancient Healing Teas
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

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Fibroids CAN heal naturally using herbs and natural medicine. We have helped many women heal their fibroids and reclaim their feminine health. ⁣

This package includes natural tonics to begin healing your fibroids naturally! Included is one of each item below:

1. Pure Jamaican Seamoss - helps the body to release excess hormones⁣

2. Free Up: 7 Day Colon Cleanse - cleanses the womb by first cleansing the colon⁣

3. Underground Tonic - builds the blood and supports the body in preparation for stronger herbs to shrink fibroids.⁣

4. Queens Medicine - specifically targets fibroids, cysts, and womb imbalances (not recommend without taking products 1-3 first)⁣