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21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

21 Day Fibroid Cleanse



We know the struggle of invasive treatments that don’t work. We’ve felt the pain of chronic fibroid symptoms that never go away. Your body deserves natural remedies to provide balance, peace, and freedom from painful fibroid symptoms. 

Fibroids are an accumulation of excess mucus, toxins, and waste in the womb. Fibroids CAN heal naturally using herbs and natural medicine. We have helped many women heal their fibroids and reclaim their feminine health with our 21-Day Fibroid Cleanse. ⁣

Our 21-Day Fibroid Cleanse consists of a set of four powerful herbal medicines to start healing your body naturally:


WEEK 1 | The Purge

An herbal blend to cleanse the colon; the first step in cleansing and purifying the body by: 

-          Eliminating parasites & worms

-          Relieving constipation

-          Aiding in the treatment of hemorrhoids

-          Supporting weight loss


WEEK 2 | Underground Tonic

An herbal blend to support the blood and body in preparation for stronger herbs by: 

-          Cleansing and building the blood

-          Relieving back pain and arthritis

-          Alleviating skin issues

-          Assisting in the balancing of hormones

-          Increasing energy and stamina

-          Helping to protect the liver


WEEK 3 | Queens Medicine

An herbal blend that specifically targets fibroids, cysts, and womb imbalances by:

-          Reducing menstrual cramps

-          Cleansing the blood and urinary tract

-          Detoxifying the body

-          Eliminating vaginal infections

-          Increasing vaginal lubrication


DAILY | Royal Moss

Made from Pure Jamaican Sea Moss, which is rich in iodine - an essential mineral for the reproductive system, Royal Moss assists your body by:

-          Releasing excess hormones

-          Shrinking fibroids naturally





*Our 21-Day Fibroid Cleanse is not safe for consumption during pregnancy.

**It is recommended that you don't take any of the 21-Day Fibroid Cleansing Herbal Teas during your cycle, with the exception of Royal Sea Moss. 

***Instructions for use are included in each package. 


-Newly designed packaging will be sent for all orders placed after December 15-


"I was diagnosed with fibroids about 2 years after my period started when I was 16. Over the years they grew and grew, causing heavy and long periods lasting up to 14 days. My uterus had grown to the size of a 5-month pregnancy, I was taking 1300 mg of iron daily, and I had terrible cramps and pain before, during, and after my cycle. It was a nightmare. Finally, about 3 years ago, I had lost so much blood I needed a blood transfusion. I was so tired of it all but I wanted an alternative to another transfusion or a hysterectomy. I stumbled on the program by way of my interest in the practice of yoni steams. After my initial session, Amanishakhete informed me of the 21-Day Fibroid Cleanse. 

Over the course of those 3 months, I experienced an entirely different menstrual cycle. For the first time, in month 2, my period only lasted for 7 days with only the first 2/3 days being really heavy. I felt a mild discomfort but my cramps were gone. It was almost like I didn't have a period. I have not had any pain before or after my period. I stopped taking the iron supplements and over-the-counter pain meds for cramps. My iron levels have stayed normal. The tonics help to build your blood as well as improve circulation in your womb area. It has done wonders for me."
-C. Stafford, Customer Review

"I purchased your 21-Day Fibroid Cleanse. I went for a check up yesterday and the doctor didn't feel the fibroid anymore. I also don't have painful cramps anymore, so thank you!" -J. Williams, Customer Review

"Before this program I had major problems with digestion, feeling heavy and bloated all the time, mental fogginess, cravings and painful periods. Now my periods are better, I don’t have that heavy bloated feeling, and I have mental clarity that I haven’t felt in a long time and a lot more energy. As a collateral result, I’ve also lost 20 pounds!"  -A. Turner, Customer Review 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Elizabeth Butame

21 Day Fibroid Cleanse

Healing tea plus the healing power of Jesus

I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and fibroids.
I had a very enlarged Swollen uterus that when first diagnosed was so enlarged the doctor notes said it was like I was 8-10 weeks pregnant. With Lots of prayers and the teas combined I felt a difference
After started the cleansing teas I began spotting More so in between periods but it was a different spotting it was more like a cleansing
the doctor wanted to remove my uterus because that is the only cure for adenomyosis but I heard the voice of Jesus tell me that he was healing me and that the spotting was actually cleansing/ getting rid of the fibroids and shedding the additional lining of the uterine wall which was causing the adenomyosis and when I went back to doctor a few months later my uterus literally shrunk in size. She said it had gone down to 5-6 weeks pregnancy size. I could see a difference as well and Also before I couldn’t wear tight pants anything putting pressure on my tummy caused pain and that also went away. The healing power of Jesus is incredible and I believe he lead me to find these teas to help with my issue because the adenomyosis disease also causes infertility.
Anything is possible with Jesus - and would you believe I am 42 years old and I just found out I am pregnant ! Jesus + teas = miracles ❤️🙏thank you for your wonderful products that produces results and in the Bible God tells Moses certain herbs to use for healing and jesus supports the ones who brings forth the plants of the earth which god created to our benefit and he has blessed this company. Amen, Amen I say to you 🙏

Forever Grateful

It has been two months since taking the 21 day fibroid cleanse. I wanted to have a few menstrual cycles before leaving a review. These teas have literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with having a small fibroid in the back of my uterus and it was causing me pain and discomfort during intercourse and just regular activity. I was diagnosed late July, did research on natural remedies and, in October I bought the bundle. At some time during the first week, I ended up having a yeast infection. I don't believe it was the teas since my womanly flora was unbalanced for months. This bundle specifically has restored my flora, I am no longer experiencing pain, my cycles are lighter and shorter and I no longer experience cramps. My husband also notices the difference and is pleased with the outcome. I have been recommending this sister's website to several women because I am so excited with how my body has improved. I plan on doing another round of teas before going to the doctor to see if the fibroid has shrunk or been eliminated altogether but I am sooooooooo grateful for you sister Amanishakhete. I am so grateful for you sharing your knowledge, your products are changing sister's lives. I knew that I did not have to live with the pain I was experiencing and neither do you. Praying that sisters that read this all naturally heal themselves.

Rashmi Jaikeran
Fibroid clense tea

All the teas are made of good quality ingredients, and I find them soothing. Thanks to the tea and those who lead me to you.

LaToya Williams

I started this 21 day cleanse and started my cleanse and journey on eating healthy I must say i been feeling better and less bloated..I will repost with updates!!

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