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Medicinal Honey

Medicinal Honey
Medicinal Honey

Medicinal Honey

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Imported directly from Mali, West Africa, our Medicinal Honey is the perfect partner for your herbal teas!

Gathered by bees who are located near an abundance of medicinal plants and herbs, this 100 % raw and unprocessed honey is not only antibacterial, antifungal, and immune system boosting, but it can also help soothe coughs, combat colds, and ease flu symptoms as well.

If you are looking for something to enhance the flavor of your teas without taking away from their therapeutic benefits, we encourage you to try the Medicinal Honey today.

**Newly designed packaging will be sent for all orders placed after December 15**

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Incredible honey

This is the real deal! Don’t buy honey from the store.

Does what it’s supposed to do

The honey is good and mixes well with the teas in this site. I especially use it when I drink a bitter tea like the cerasee and ginger. You can taste the medicinal elements. I purchase this honey on the regular and find it tied with manuka honey.

Desiré B.
Love This Honey!

I used this honey last week when I wasn't feeling well, which seemed to help soothe my throat. I also love using this honey with my fibroid herbal tea.

Sonia Ross
This was new for me...

I had never heard of the medicinal honey until I came across the Ancient Healing Teas website. I got it to take with the Fibroid Healing Tea and have really enjoyed the combination together. It definitely cuts the flavor of the tea and helps me to drink it. I am not a tea fan naturally and am only taking them to heal my womb. Not only is the honey beautiful to look at it comes in very nice glass bottle. I am almost halfway done with my first jar but definitely plan to order some again very soon once this jar is done.

Wanda Williams
Honey Hush

I really like the Medicinal Honey. I use it mostly in my teas. I only use one teaspoon so it mot sweet. And I only have use it now and then, not every day. But overall, a good purchase. My daughter as me what made it medicinal and I had that I did not know. There are no ingredients on the bottle.

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