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Are You Ready to Experience Healing?

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Members have access to custom blended specialty teas, one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, and our exclusive monthly newsletter. As a member, you receive custom teas, blended specifically to help you reach your health goals. Our one-on-one wellness sessions guide to the root of your health issues to create lasting healing.

1. Custom Teas: Each membership includes a unique batch of custom blended, loose-leaf teas made specifically for your needs. During your initial consultation, one of our herbalist will evaluate your health concerns and create teas specifically for you. 

2. Wellness Sessions: Changing your lifestyle is hard work. We can help! With one-on-one Wellness Sessions, you will learn how to use foods and herbs to improve your health. Monthly, we will guide you through plant-based lifestyle changes to attain and maintain your health goals. You will learn how to use foods and herbs to improve your health.

3: Newsletter: You will receive a monthly, members-only, newsletter giving you information to engage you even deeper in your health transformation.

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Within 48 hours of your payment being processed, a team member will reach out to you via email to schedule a phone consultation. 

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