Our Divine Flow Bundle: For Heavy and Excessive Bleeding

The most effective way to reduce excessive and heavy bleeding is by using our Gongolili and Yarrow Tincture. These two products used together help regulate your cycle so it becomes manageable and pleasant. 

Our Gongolili is harvested straight from the river banks of West Africa. It is known to help rebalance the womb by cleansing the uterus of old matter, increasing vaginal lubrication, and decreasing excessive menstrual bleeding. Our Yarrow Tincture is a powerful yet gentle tonic that assists in reducing heavy bleeding as well.

When combined and used consistently our Gongolili and Yarrow Tincture can allow you to once again connect with your divine flow. When we are in touch with our cycle, we are intuitive, peaceful, balanced, and energized. Having a pleasant and regular cycle is everything. It allows us to function practically while connecting with our feminine energy. 

Here is how to use our Divine Flow Bundle when you get it: 

For cycles longer than 5 days, we suggest:

Yarrow Tincture:  Ingest 10 drops of our Yarrow Tincture 2x a day

Gongolili: Take a stalk of our Gongolili, put it in a jar or jug, and let it infuse overnight. Consume 1 cup of Gongolili infused water daily. 

Continue usage of both of these herbs until the bleeding has normalized. 

I recommend drinking your first serving in the Rising by adding your first 10 drops of our Yarrow Tincture into a glass of your Gongolili-infused water. Starting the day hydrated and full of Mother Earth’s medicine is ideal for every Goddess.

Love and light, Goddesses.

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