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Water is life, family! As an herbalist, I've traveled to over 10 different countries to study the power of nature. I became much more intimate with Mother Earth and was able to study her in her natural environment which I wasn't able to do growing up in the urban jungle of Philadelphia. One of the most important lessons that I've  learned is how powerful and healing water is in itself. Water helps to hydrate all of the cells of the body, helps to flush toxins out of the system, and even helps the body to repair itself. 

There are many different types of water, all with unique qualities and benefits. The most superior water is the water from fresh fruit, such as fresh Coconut water and fresh Watermellon. When these fruits are out of season, the next best option is water that has been infused with fruit. Water infused with our Baobab Powder made with the Baobab Fruit helps to boost the immune system and clear mucus from the body. Click here for the recipe. Water infused with Cucumber helps to relax the nervous system and naturally increase the PH of the water. Water infused with Cilantro helps to purify the water by removing hard metals and toxins. 

It is very important to drink enough water. In The 3 Basics of Cleansing Your Body, I talk about how to calculate how much water you should be drinking daily. 

Here are two very simple recipes to alkaline your water and enhance its quality and benefits. I recommend that everyone start these habits like yesterday :) Ok, you can start tomorrow! But definitely include these everyday. 


Life Water Recipe


1 teaspoon of Baobab Powder

8 ounces of Spring water



Add 1 teaspoon of Baobab Powder into 8 ounces of Spring water. Mix and enjoy!


Cucumber Cilantro Water Recipe


2 Whole, Fresh Cucumbers

1 Bunch of Cilantro

16-32 ounces of Water



Chop cucumbers into 4 slices.

Loosely chop 1 handful of cilantro. 

Add cucumber and cilantro to 16-32 ounces of water. 

 Let sit for 30 minutes and enjoy. 

*Cucumbers tend to spoil quickly so its best to keep this drink refrigerated. 


Enjoy family! Please stay hydrated. Let your water purify your mind, your body, and your soul. 

May your journey continue to be beautiful!

Love, Light, & Divine Healing,

Queen Amanishakhete

Queen Herbalist, Ancient Healing Teas


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Jun 18, 2020

i live in philadelphia and i dont know where to get good fruits and veggis i want to enhance my health do you know of any places….

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