Fibroids Suck!
But, We Help Them Suck Less.

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At Ancient Healing Teas, 
we offer the compassionate approach to healing that you've been looking for. 
We offer natural solutions to your suffering, formulated with you, and your womb in mind. 
Our herbal remedies are impactful, and have helped thousands of women ease their fibroid symptoms, naturally.

We offer 2 natural solutions to fibroids that work well together to provide the most effective results:
Our Fibroid Herbal Tea 
Our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse
Utilizing wildcrafted herbs from the Caribbean
This tea is working marvelously, I cannot complain. I have started to have back a normal life. Thank you so much.

Shauna S.

It works, it really works! Was diagnosed with fibroids over a year ago... I actually started seeing results by the third day. It truly is worth the investment...

Doris R.

I got this tea a week ago today and when I say I am sooooo happy I found a natural remedy without compromise [to] my hormones and body... Thanks for everything!!!

Shaunda F.

I felt a distinct difference in how my fibroids feel. I don't have that heavy feeling anymore and backache has decreased...Totally looking forward to my next purchase.

Christine S.

Our Fibroid Herbal Tea is a great start to natural healing. 
For the most effective results, try our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse.
Utilizing wildcrafted herbs from the Caribbean
Cleanses the womb by first cleansing the colon
Underground Tonic
Builds the blood & supports the body in preparation for stronger herbs to shrink fibroids
Queen's Medicine
Specifically targets fibroids, cysts, and womb imbalances
Royal Moss
Helps the body to release excess hormones
Key Ingredients
Contains purifying and 
anti-inflammatory properties. 
Assists in releasing excess chemicals (specifically hormones) from the body that could cause the growth of fibroids in the uterus.
Chaney Root
Useful for hormonal imbalances. Chaney Root is a great source of antioxidants which also assists in homeostasis of the reproductive system and various other bodily functions. This root is also beneficial to those experiencing irregular menstrual cycles.
Also referred to as Bitter Melon, Cerasee assists in fighting infections, both viral and bacterial. It is a great purifier and contains essential blood cleansing properties as well. Cerasee works well to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes patients also.

Royal Moss
Contains hundreds of important compounds that improve the likelihood of conceiving, in women. Also an important herb in increasing fertility and sex drive. Finally, aside from the obvious benefits of Royal Moss, it also assists in balancing menstrual cycles.
Yellow Dock
A bitter, astringent herb, Yellow Dock is useful in regulating menstrual cycles and purifying the blood. Similar to burdock, yellow dock is useful by cleansing the blood specifically. It clesanses the blood of impurities and excess hormones.
Tones and strengthens the reproductive organs. It is also a great source for increasing libido and energy levels. Contains a significant amount of the female hormone, progesterone. Balancing hormone levels as well, this herb is full faceted. 
An anti-inflammatory powerhouse, Ginger is great for increasing circulation throughout the body, via the blood. Ginger is also a great for increasing the ability to conceive, as it is a great source for balancing hormones.
Cats Claw
Anti-inflammatory, in addition to being a great assistant in destroying or correcting mutated or abnormal cells, including those present in fibroids. With its general anti-tumor properties, it is a great resource for getting rid of fibroid tissue.