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At Ancient Healing Teas we believe that healthy people are happy people! Our foundation is that everyone deserves to live a healthy life without pain, discomfort, and dis-ease. We connect you to the healing power of plants by providing a quality that can't be found anywhere else. We work directly with Mother Nature by gathering the best herbs from around the world to help our clients heal naturally.
 Ancient Healing Teas provides much needed vitamins and minerals that the body needs and yearns for while taming sugar cravings and providing tons of energy.

Our Founder


My name is Amanishakhete and I am the Founder and Queen Herbalist of Ancient Healing Teas. I grew up learning about herbs and natural medicine from my mother who taught me how to cleanse on a regular basis using herbs. As a child I suffered from chronic eczema, constipation, and anemia. Although I had these imbalances, I knew that they were not natural and that I did not have to suffer with them. Through intense study, I worked with Mother Nature to heal myself from each imbalance. As I continued to heal myself and people around me, I knew deep within that I had to use my knowledge to promote the greater health of humanity. To increase my expertise, I travelled to over ten different countries, learning ancient herbal wisdom from local healers in Africa and the Caribbean. What I’ve learned from years of study is that our bodies need a great amount of nutrients and minerals to function at peak capacity. Fruits and vegetables are typically our main source for nutrients, but when we are not getting enough from our daily intake, we can turn to herbs as our solution to mineral deficiency. The demand for my Ancient Healing Teas has grown beyond my community, and I am glad to share my teas with you!
-Amanishakhete, Founder of Ancient Healing Teas




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