Purge: Colon Cleanse
Purge: Colon Cleanse

Purge: Colon Cleanse

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Purge: Colon Cleanse is the first product to use to begin to cleanse and purify your body.

Benefits :  

  • supports the body in eliminating parasites 
  • helps the body in eliminating worms
  • relieves symptoms of constipation 
  • supports weight loss 
  • aids in the treatment of hemorrhoids



Yellowdock, Burdock, & Ginger


Bring 16 oz of water to a boil & add one tablespoon of the herbal blend. Simmer the mixture on low for 30 mins. Strain & enjoy! 

 For best results:

Drink ½ cup 3x day for best results. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Winifred Nah

My Tea arrived today and I left for work

The name of the tea is befitting

I started taking the purge tea Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday there was no real change however by Wednesday it took effect. Thursday I now see why it's called Purge. I finished the tea Saturday night and I am quite confident that I received a thorough cleansing. I recommend this product.

Mandisa Hinton
Stomach started feeling lighter on the second day

I will be ordering a full cleanse soon. I’ve been ordering from this company since last year, I’m very happy with my results lately. I ordered the fibroid tea, and purge tea. Both teas have been making my stomach feel lighter and giving me so much energy. My appetite is also getting better as far as healthy food goes. My cravings for sugar are gone, I can’t wait to purchase a full package on my road to healing my fibroids and heavy bleeding. I’m seeing changes already. I love these products

Amazing Products!

I have purchased several items from this store with real results! The 21 day fibroid cleanse, fibroid herbal tea, divine flow bundle, happy moon tincture. After the Covid booster vaccine I noticed irregular menses and this helped correct the issue naturally. I am so grateful!

Jonita Chatman
Love it

This is my second time purchasing it and I love it. The first time I didn’t use it per the directions but it still did the job. This time I can definitely tell the difference with me using it per the directions.