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Dealing with pent-up emotions is something that we all deal with every once in a while. So how do we cope with this? In what ways can we shift our energy throughout our day to realign ourselves? 

What is intentional movement? 

Intentional movement is when we move our body with the purpose of staying present and in a meditative state.

Intentional movement can incorporate any part of our body in any way. The reason why dancing or movement, in general, is so effective for healing the physical and energetic body is that it gives us the chance to feel energy move throughout our bodies instead of letting it get stuck in the body.

Stress is often stored within the body as stiffness, aches, and pain. Just think about the last time you woke up with a stiff neck, shoulders, and an aching back.

Are you carrying too many responsibilities without a proper release? Are you stressed about something in your life? Either way, shaking it off will help to loosen the emotional tension within the body and give you some much-needed relief.

Exercise. Healthy body. Holistic health and wellness.

What type of movement works?

Any type of movement works! As long as we are setting our intentions for the movement, we are doing it right! You could try yoga, go for a walk, hike, dance, or simply stretch in the morning. The movement you use doesn’t have to be some type of intense exercise or structured routine.

Just be mindful of the connection your body has to these movements and how it makes you feel. Ask yourself what emotions you are releasing and make peace with the energy of letting go. 

One very effective type of movement is intuitive dancing. This is when we use unstructured movements to reconnect with our bodies. Bringing our awareness to how our body moves with rhythms can help to ground us. Moving fluidly to help energy move through the body is what it's all about!

We can spin or jump or shake to our favorite music. Dancing is a natural and fluid way to shake and release emotional blockages. These are just a few types of movement we can do to make our bodies feel good, energized, and grounded. 

If you are feeling inspired, move your couch out of the way, put your music on loud, and just let it flow!

Love and Light Family!

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