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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is when an imbalance of hormones causes a woman’s body to produce cysts within the ovaries. Women with PCOS can experience irregular cycles, weight gain, acne, skin issues, thinning hair, and infertility. PCOS may also cause problems with regulating blood sugar and even managing stress.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, we have an all-natural PCOS Detox that can help alleviate and manage PCOS symptoms.

Our PCOS Detox is a combination of 4 different herbal tonics that have helped countless women heal and manage PCOS.

Our teas have helped women stimulate mensuration, end irregular cycles, stimulate ovulation, increase fertility, balance the body’s hormones, and decrease pain in the body.

Here are our 4 most powerful and effective tonics included in our PCOS Detox.

BalanceRegulates hormones 

To start our PCOS cleanse, we begin with our Balance Tea. Balance is a powerful medicine that will balance the system while regulating hormones. This herbal tonic is used to improve liver function which will naturally better the body’s ability to detox the system. This mixture also enhances fertility, improves liver function, hormones in our bodies, prevents the forming of cysts in the ovaries, and regulates our blood sugar levels. 

SoftReduces androgens and testosterone 

High testosterone and androgen levels are one of the main causes of irregular cycles in women. These hormones are specifically targeted when consuming our Soft Tea. There are numerous benefits that our Soft tea has for women hoping to regain control of their bodies. This herbal mixture will stimulate ovulation, increase fertility, decrease insulin resistance, support a healthy weight, improve blood circulation, relieve painful menstruation, regulate your monthly cycle, and increase energy and stamina. Soft will give your body what it needs to feel better so you can do more of the things you desire. 

FeminineEases pain and inflammation 

Feminine Tea specifically caters to the health of our reproductive organs. It is a gentle and powerful tonic that will help cleanse and support the health of the womb. Feminine Tea also eases pain and inflammation of the body by cleansing and purifying the blood. This herbal mixture balances estrogen decreases pain in the womb and alleviates pain throughout the body. Creating these balances will help to improve PCOS symptoms and overall health of the body.

Royal MossRelease excess hormones 

Our Royal Moss is a potent source of iodine. Iodine is essential to a healthy thyroid and hormone production. The body does not produce iodine on its own so it is important to find iodine-rich foods that will replenish the nutrient within the body. 

Not only is Royal Moss an abundant source of iodine, but it also has over 90 other vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies to function healthily. These nutrients maintain the health and balance of the thyroid, help with brain function, weight control, skin health, and fertility. It also improves ovulation and estrogen balance while supporting the health of the ovaries, uterus, and breasts. Royal Moss has the essential components that will maintain a woman’s health.

If you are suffering from PCOS, our PCOS Detox will help you heal your womb and body. Each step in the detox will get you closer to a healthier and happier life.

Don’t let PCOS take control of your life. You have the power to heal yourself.

Love and Light, Goddesses!





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