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Food is life, family. Food is how the energy of Mother Earth is integrated into our bodies. When we intake certain foods, we are inviting a certain type of energy into our body. Consuming foods that are in favor of our health - physical and energetic - allows us to transform that positive energy into action. These actions change our lives for the better. We all want to create abundant lives for ourselves and this is just one of the ways we can do that.

Fresh, clean eating. Plant based. Healthy and holistic.

What foods impact our energetic wellness?

Different types of foods impact our energetic field in a variety of ways. Some create heavier energy than others. Here are some helpful tips for eating with intention. 

Cut down on meat consumption

When we consume meat, we intake the energy that resides within that meat. Eating animals means accepting the fact that you are intaking the trauma of that animal. Animals always go through distress when they are harvested for food. That energy is transferred to you when you eat it. Stress and trauma have adverse effects on animals harvested for consumption. We should avoid foods that would transmit that same stress onto us. 

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Produce has a different impact on the overall state of our energy. When you consume fruits and vegetables you are intaking the energy that comes directly from the sun, to the fruits and veggies, then to us when we eat. The sun is one of the most abundant and pure energy sources we get the privilege to experience and utilize on Mother Earth. The energy we get from produce is the closest we can get to consuming sunshine.

How to use food to manifest

Eating foods that align with the things we are trying to manifest is ideal. For example, if a Goddess is trying to conceive, it would be best if she consumed seeded fruits and vegetables. This will alert our bodies that seeds are fully welcome! When we eat seeded fruits you are giving our body permission to nurture our seeds as well. When we sit down to eat, we want to make sure that our food is reflecting what we want within our lives. Make sure to eat foods that align with your values and manifestations. Everything is connected.

Food Mindfulness 

Lastly, mindfulness is crucial to allowing our food to communicate abundance to our bodies. We have to be mindful of whatever we put in our bodies because this creates a pattern. This will signal to our subconscious that everything you come into contact with or make connections with must be aligned with our highest good. No exceptions! Shop, eat, and cook with positive intentions, family! 

Raw vegetables and fruit. Clean eating. Plant based.

Here are some ways you can eat in a more intentional way:

  • Eat more raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Buy less processed foods.
  • Cut down on meat consumption/consider a plant-based diet
  • Before eating, say affirmations like “This food is nourishing to my mind, body, and soul” OR “The only energies I receive from this food are positive.”
  • Don’t distract yourself while you eat. Stay Present.

Love and Light Family!


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