7 Proven Benefits of Baobab Powder

Our Baobab Powder is made from 100% Pure Baobab Fruit that we source from West Africa. The Baobab Tree is know as the "Tree of Life" and is one of the largest and oldest trees in the world. Every sing part of the Baobab Tree is edible as food and/or medicine. Our Baobab Powder has been able to help people all over the world heal. It is full of vitamins, mineral, nutrients. Here are 7 of the most powerful benefits of our Baobab Powder. 

1. Boost Immune System

1 Tablespoon of our Baobab Powder has more Vitamin C than 100 oranges. This super dose of vitamin C helps to keep our bodies strong and build a defense naturally against colds and flus. 

2. Eliminate Mucus 

Our Baobab Powder helps to eliminate mucus from the entire body. Many of our clients have seen mucus being eliminated within just 3 days of using our Life Powder. 

3. Reduces Inflammation 

The of inflammation is the body is excess mucus deposits. Our Baobab Powder clears the mucus out of the body and reduces the inflammation. 

4. Improves digestion

Our Baobab Powder contains more than 50% fiber. It helps foods to move through your digestive system and prevents constipation and other digestive imbalances.

5. Helps your body to absorb iron

The human body needs vitamin C to effectively absorb iron. When Vitamin C is paired with Iron it increases the absorption of iron in your body. 

6. Improves gut health

Our Baobab Powder is a powerful prebiotic and helps promote diversity in your gut. It improves the body's ability to digest food.

7. Increases PH in body

Our Baobab Powder contains 100% Pure Baobab which is one of the most Alkaline fruits in the world. Its PH helps to balance the body's PH levels and defense against chronic diseases.


Our Baobab Powder is truly one Africa's most powerful Superfoods. Click here to experience these benefits for yourself and upgrade your health for good!



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  • I love your life powers it helped sugar blood and this happened I a matter of weeks

    Euria jones

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