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Queens Medicine is a natural medicine for all women's health imbalances. This medicine helps to cleanses and detox the entire body especially the womb. 


  • eliminates bacterial infections
  • eliminates viral infections
  • eases cramps and menstrual pains
  • cleanses the blood
  • detoxes the body of toxins
  • cleanses urinary tract


Cerasee, Ginger


Bring 16 oz of water to a boil & add one tablespoon of the herbal blend. Simmer the mixture on low for 30 mins. Strain & enjoy! 

 For best results:

Drink ½ cup 1x day for best results. 

*do not use when pregnant

Customer Reviews

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Fibroid, queens medicine, under ground tonic tea

These herbal supplements were the BEST choice I've made about my health ever. I suffer from fibroids, and every since I've been drinking the herbal teas my stomach has gotten smaller, my menstrual is way lighter & my energy has boosted. I'm looking forward to continuing my holistic healing journey. Thank you sooo...very much

Great product

I couple with product with "Fibroid herbal tea" and "Purge." This product is great if you have terrible menstrual cramps like I used to. Totally alleviated my cramps.

Great Product

Feel a difference in my body and my sex life

So far so good!

Only been drinking this tea for a couple days. Haven’t noticed a difference yet.

kills cramp pains one time !

I did the right thing by taking the chance and not thinking twice to order both the fibroid and queens teas. I combined both teas and just let them brew. The teas came fast and in time for when my mensuration was about to start. As I felt the cramps coming I sipped on the hot tea, and it licked out the pain one time. I want to remain consistent with these teas as well as I am incorporating clean eating ( no processed, diary etc.) warning the tea is bitter but that's a mind thing if you want to be healed. Anything that is bitter HEALS! I would definitely keep buying these teas and I will order more product on this site. the most high gave us these herbs so we cant go wrong. The Western world has completely messed us up so have faith. I will be back with more updates regarding my huge fibroids.