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Fibroid Herbal Tea

Fibroid Herbal Tea
Fibroid Herbal Tea
Fibroid Herbal Tea

Fibroid Herbal Tea


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If you’ve been diagnosed with fibroids, you’ve most likely experienced the pain, bloating, irregular menstrual cycles, and issues with urination that often come along with them. 

Our Fibroid Herbal Tea was formulated to not only soothe the symptoms of fibroids but to also help prevent the growth of, assist in shrinking, and ultimately eliminate fibroids altogether. *

This herbal blend assists the body in combating fibroids by:

  • Promoting circulation to the womb
  • Cleansing the urinary tract
  • Reducing bloating
  • Naturally detoxifying the womb
  • Providing nutrients necessary for reproductive health

Ingredients: Dandelion and Ginger.


* This tea pairs very well with our 21 Day Fibroid Cleanse for more comprehensive and effective fibroid healing.

** It is recommended that you don’t take Fibroid Herbal Tea during your menstrual cycle.

*** Our Fibroid Herbal Tea is safe to consume during pregnancy.




**Newly designed packaging will be sent for all orders placed after December 15**

Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Amanda Ladner
Great product

Product work so far so good in the first three days used before my period started. Will start it up again to fill it work in a few days.

Kerry Rodney

This tea is a blessing 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Juliet Namatovu
It is working

But now you pack small potion than you used in the metal tins

Letitia Gough
Fibroid healing tea

This will be my Third time ordering the fibroid healing herbal tea. With my very first purchase of the tea and drinking it consistent, within a matter of a few days I noticed a difference. The taste of the tea is an inquired one. However; the more you drink the more use to it you'll become. This tea was so on time! Its a Blessing knowing so many women no longer have to dread that time of the month anymore because we have a remedy that will completely shrink and dissolve these fibroids, we at one point had no choice but to battle.

So far so good

I have purchased this tea four times and sometimes I boil it with other herbs good for fibroids. My fibroids have stopped growing, which is great. Now I’m trusting they will disappear.

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