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Florida Water

Florida Water

Florida Water


Florida Water can be found amongst many African-derived religions now practiced in the so-called New World, or Turtle Island (think Hoodoo, Santeria, Vodoun, Ifa, etc.). Can be used to wipe down virtually every aspect of a spiritual working from refreshing the table to cleaning scissors and engraving tools, to blessing candles.

How To Use:

  • Before lighting your spiritual candle, drop a few droplets of Florida Water into your hand, and rub them together. Hold your chime, pillar, or jar candle in one hand and rub the Florida Water in an upward motion from the base to the top, cleaning every side. Do this with intention – the intention to clean all negative energy from the candle that may have accumulated on its travels to you. 
  • Use your Florida Water to consecrate all of your special spiritual tools.  Once consecrated, do not use these tools for any other purpose.  Wipe down each tool using your hands or cloth or paper towel, and set an intention for its use. Ask the Most High to guide you in using this tool. 
  • Add your Florida Water to your spiritual bath or regular bath to clear your aura of trapped negative energy. 
  • Other ways to use your Florida Water: to anoint yourself or family members, as Holy Water in your workings, in your floor wash, and on your cleaning rags, to clean your aura before energy work, and to enhance virtually any other spiritual work you can think of.

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I have a question

How is this Florida water different than the Florida water in the store?

Cheryl Kresak

Thank you.

Rafyah lumb
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