Womb Detox Program

Our Womb Detox program is an Intensive Womb Cleanse that guides women through healing and connecting with their womb. Through this program, women have been able to dissolve their fibroids and cysts, reduce menstrual pain and shorten their menstrual cycle by days. The program consists of three different components including our Sacred Womb Herbal Tea, Yoni Steams and One-on-One Health Coaching. 

Yoni / Vaginal Steaming

One of the main Natural Therapies we use in our Womb Detox Program is Yoni Steaming. Yoni Steams are a very ancient practice which originated in Africa. Women from all over the world practice Yoni Steams regularly to both prevent and heal many of the womb issues that are common to women here in the Western world. Yoni steams are practiced to heal the womb from various imbalances including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, fibroids, cysts, fertility, irregular cycles, and menstrual pain.

All Yoni Steaming Sessions are led by our Queen Herbalist, Amanishakhete in her home-based spa in Philly. Throughout the session, you will be able to ask Amanishakhete any question that comes up for you. She will be leading you through affirmations to heal yourself, guiding you through the Steaming process and attending to you to assist in your healing. During your Session, you will be given an Intuitive Health reading to help get to the root of your health imbalance.

After the reading, you will be guided through a private Yoni Steaming Session to listen to your womb, release physical and emotional toxins that have built up in your womb, and heal your womb in a very deep way. After the steam you will lay down to rest to seal the healing that manifested. Our Yoni Steaming Sessions helps to release physical and emotional trauma, release experiences that haven't been processed but are still held in your physical and emotional body, release old, stagnant energy and prepare for the life that you deserve.