Suffering from PCOS Doesn't Have to Be Your Story.
Seek Relief, Today!
At Ancient Healing Teas, 
we offer the compassionate approach to healing that you've been looking for. 
With natural solutions formulated with you, and your womb in mind, our herbal remedies are impactful, 
and have helped thousands of women ease their PCOS symptoms, naturally.
We offer 2 herbal bundles, formulated to help effectively relieve symptoms associated with PCOS:
The PCOS Detox 
The Diabetes Bundle

The PCOS Detox


Utilizing wildcrafted herbs from the Caribbean

Regulates hormones
Stabilizes androgens and testosterone in the body
Eases pain and inflammation of the body
Royal Moss
Helps the body to release excess hormones
I just finished week one and I am super happy!! I’m already feeling less inflammation and more energy. I’ve also been taking the colloidal silver and using the medicinal honey with my tea. Very grateful for all of these products. Thank you so much!!!!

Danika M.

I’ve just started the teas. I am on the tea “soft” and it’s soooo good! I feel changes in my body already.

Verified Customer

I am currently on week two of the PCOS Detox and I must say I definitely feel different, especially with my food intake, mainly sweets. I have noticed such a change within and I love it. I cannot wait until I finish the complete detox. I will be trying the Fertility [cleanse] next.

Ebonie N.

I went back to the doctors office today and they said my cysts are gone and everything looks great. This tea is wonderful I have also told others about it. Two weeks ago I had pain during my ultra sound, and today I had no pain at all.

Verified Customer

Fifty percent of women with PCOS will develop Type 2 Diabetes or will become pre-diabetic by age 40.
This is why we have formulated our Diabetes Bundle, with you in mind.

The Diabetes Bundle


Utilizing wildcrafted herbs from the Caribbean

The Diabetes Formula
Supports healthy insulin functions
Desert Dates
Eliminates toxins from the body and supports healthy blood sugar levels
Supports healthy liver functions
Royal Moss
Provides 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs
Baobab Powder (not pictured)
Encourages detoxification and eliminates mucus from the body

Key Ingredients

Red Clover
A very popular herbal supplement amongst women with PCOS, red clover contains many chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body; very influential in the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle.
Contains purifying and 
anti-inflammatory properties. 
Assists in releasing excess chemicals (specifically hormones) from the body that could cause abnormal growths in the uterus.
An anti-inflammatory powerhouse, Ginger is great for increasing circulation throughout the body, via the blood. Ginger is also a great for increasing the ability to conceive, as it is a great source for balancing hormones.
A highly experimental herb, licorice has been found to decrease the volume of testosterone found in women. Especially for women with PCOS, this can be extremely helpful with managing symptoms.
A significant pituitary-ovarian regulator. In combination with licorice, this potent, ovarian tonic is used to produce favorable results in ovarian disorders. Commonly used for infertility issues associated with PCOS.
Cats Claw
Anti-inflammatory, in addition to being a great assistant in destroying or correcting mutated or abnormal cells, including those present in cysts. With its general anti-tumor properties, it is a great resource for getting rid of excess tissue.
Royal Moss
Contains hundreds of important compounds that improve the likelihood of conceiving, in women. Also an important herb in increasing fertility and sex drive. Finally, aside from the obvious benefits of Royal Moss, it also assists in balancing menstrual cycles.
Assists in minimizing symptoms associated with PCOS. Constantly shown in various studies, to reduce insulin resistance, this anti-inflammatory herb helps to counteract this, the most commonly believed cause of PCOS.